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Name First party? Origin Purpose Further info
cf_cookie_agree Yes CoppaFeel! Stores your choice if you dismiss the cookie notice. CoppaFeel! Cookie Policy
eprivacy_cookies Yes CoppaFeel! Stores your cookie privacy choices for this site. CoppaFeel! Cookie Policy
Shopify Used by Shopify to provide services related to the CoppaFeel! shop

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Name First party? Origin Purpose Further info
DSID No Google DoubleClick Used by for online advertising frequency capping and to avoid duplication of adverts on a page. How DoubleClick uses cookies
_ga Yes Google Analytics Used to distinguish users. Google Analytics cookie usage
_gat Yes Google Analytics Used to distinguish users. Google Analytics cookie usage
_gid Yes Google Analytics Used to throttle request rate. Google Analytics cookie usage
_gali Yes Google Analytics Used for link attribution. Google Analytics cookie usage