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    Giving £5 a month

    could pay for 500 young people to receive a pocket-sized checking card with info on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. That’s enough to reach every student at six secondary schools, every year!

    Giving £10 a month

    is enough to remind 200 people to check their boobs, once a month, every month, by sending them one of our Life Saving Monthly Text Reminders™. (We haven’t really trademarked them, but we can promise you they have saved lives)

    Giving £15 a month

    could provide the resources for two healthcare practices a month to equip their patients with our breast awareness materials and educate them the importance of getting to know their bodies. Not bad eh?


    How much would you like to give?

    A donation of £25

    would equip 200 student halls with shower hangers, giving students the need-to-know on the bits they need to know, whilst they’re having a scrub.

    A donation of £50

    could pay for one of our Boobettes to visit a school or workplace to share their story with a bunch of young people, and get them clued up on the importance of checking their boobs.


    could send the Boobmobile and team to a festival, meeting thousands of young people and prompting at least 150 engaged boob-check chats each day (not to mention the temporary tattoos).


    Give a Boob Suit a Life


    Once upon a time in Bermondsey, a boob suit called Boobacious was born. Boobacious had no idea of the lives she was about to change. She was going to travel the UK and make a serious message approachable, raise vital funds, educate hundreds of people and most importantly, save lives. From raising thousands of pounds strapped to a CoppaFeel! marathon runner to turning heads on campus with a Uni Boob Team member and making sure every student visited by a Boobette got to know their boobs, Boobacious had a long and fruitful career. Eventually Boobacious had to retire, but she did so knowing that the people she'd met were 58% more likely to check their boobs each month. But that's not where her story ends. Help us continue her life-saving work by donating £12 to sponsor a boob suit. Because - just like Boobacious, you have the power to save lives and shape futures.

    Give a boob suit a life, and save lives.

    Why Donate?

    We want to keep up our life saving work for as long as we are needed. And since breast cancer is still rearing its ugly head on a daily basis, we need to be telling more young people TODAY. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t exist without the support from people like you.

    Case Study

    Jenny’s Story

    “Without Kris and her wonderful support network working so hard to set up CoppaFeel! to bring awareness and educate young women on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, I would not be able to sit here today and say I have been through my journey with the best result possible, cancer free.”

    Read Jenny’s story

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