The Boobettes

Our most powerful tool is to inspire through stories and experiences.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is a much simpler task if they are someone you can relate to.

Young people are much more likely to feel empowered by stories of other young people who have been through breast cancer and have come out the other side.

Power rangers of the boob world

Boobettes are a group of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 35, have had preventative surgery,  a breast cancer scare at a young age or a strong connection to the disease. Using their stories, they inspire others to think differently about their lives and bodies, educating people about the importance of getting to know your boobs now, and making it a lifelong habit.

We encourage schools, workplaces, youth groups, girl guide groups, women’s institutes, anyone to book a session with one of our Boobettes and in return become Champions of Boob Health. Boobettes come armed with hand outs, stickers, our giant boobs (of course) and can tailor their session to suit your requirements – scroll down for FAQs.

Arrange a visit

If you would like to be inspired and empowered by a Boobette visit, please register your details here and we’ll be in touch asap with our availability for your request:

Share your story

If you’re aged 18-35 and have been diagnosed with breast cancer, have had preventative surgery, a breast cancer scare or have a strong connection to the disease and would like to get involved:

Become a Boobette

Boobette Session FAQs

What does a Boobette talk cover?

The presentation covers the Boobette’s personal story or CoppaFeel! founder Kris’ story, breast cancer facts and myths, signs and symptoms, the work of CoppaFeel!, how we can remind you to start self-checking and guidance on how to self-check.

How long is a Boobette presentation?

They are usually 30 – 40 minutes, and we always encourage having time for any questions afterwards.

Do Boobettes hold stalls, or do they only do talks?

We love to visit health fairs, freshers fairs, anywhere you’d like us to set up a stall to hand out awareness materials, checking reminders and have a chat about boobs!

Do you only speak to women?

Both men and women can be affected by breast cancer so we very much encourage speaking with mixed groups to make sure everyone is equipped with this potentially life saving message.

What ages do you present to?

We generally recommend from about 13, but we will very much take the lead from you and what you feel is appropriate for your group.

Do you have a minimum or maximum audience size?

We are happy to speak to any number, whether you are a small group or a large assembly, we will eagerly come along and share our boob wisdom.

Book a Boobette

Please note our Boobettes lend their time on a voluntary basis, so we normally require at least 4 weeks notice in order to arrange a booking. We will try our best to accommodate your date but may not be able to make requests at short notice.

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