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Shower Hijack

We can remind you to check your boobs in the shower. Not in person though, that's illegal.

What is Shower Hijack?

Giving your norks the once over whilst you’re in the shower makes it part of your routine and will get you knowing them like the back of your hand. How else will you spot if something’s not quite right? We launched our Shower Hijack campaign in the Summer of 2012 to get you showing your boobs some love whilst you’re covered in suds. If you want us to remind you, click below to order our materials.

Order a shower sticker

Our vinyl stickers are small and discreet and won’t leave a mark on your tiles. If you’re looking for a reminder for your bathroom, click below to fill out our free order form and the Boob Fairies at Boob HQ will send a sticker out to you.


Order Shower Hangers

We aren’t able to send out shower stickers individually (these are one of the pricier items we produce and we haven’t managed to grow any shower sticker trees, yet). If you’d like to bring the boob-love to your halls of residence, office, gym or hotel, click here to order our waterproof shower hangers in bulk.

In-Shower Collaborations

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with some very cool brands to bring the boob-love to your bathroom. Check ’em out.

Boob Soap

The lovely folk at CP+B approached us with an idea: the idea was to make boob shaped soaps. Obviously we said “YES PLEASE”. Not only do the soaps serve as a handy reminder to check what’s on your chest, they also raise money to help us put an end to late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer. We think thats pretty ace. You can order one (or five) here.

Bring me the boob soap 

Birchbox and Anatomicals

For breast cancer awareness month 2017 we teamed up with the lovely folk at Birchbox to give their subscribers a little bonus in the boob-love department. Not only did every box go out with a shower sticker and info card, the team at Anatomicals got on board with their Check Your Melons shower gel. We like to think A LOT of people checked their melons.

Partner with us

Interested in collaborating to help us reach more people? Check out some of the ways your organisation can support us.

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