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What happens if during your monthly boob check, you notice something that isn’t quite normal for you? Well the most important thing is that you go and get it off your chest and visit your doctor.

What to expect when you visit your GP

The first time visiting your doctor about a change in your boobs? We can guarantee they have seen it all before and there are lots of reasons why changes may occur in your boobs (many of them are perfectly natural) so there is no need to worry – just book an appointment and watch our video below.

CoppaFeel! – What to expect when you visit your GP from CoppaFeel! on Vimeo.

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What happens if you are referred to a breast clinic

If your doctor decides they would like a breast specialist to see you too, then you may be referred on an urgent or non-urgent referral. Dr Nadine Singh explains what may happen at your appointment.

CoppaFeel! – What happens if your GP refers you to a breast clinic? from CoppaFeel! on Vimeo.


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